1955 Pontiac Chieftan Catalina
Body Type: 2-Door Sedan
VIN: W755S2372
Exterior: Raven Black / Avalon Yellow
Interior: Black & Grey Vinyl Bucket Seats
Engine: Pontiac
Transmission: 3-Speed
Mileage Shown: 86,490
(Actual Mileage Unknown)
Body Numbers: 55-2511 1237 270
Options: Power Steering: No
Power Brakes: No
Power Seats: No
Power Windows: No
Air Conditioning: No
Radio: Yes, AM
Stock Number: K13-435
Price: $19,900  New
1955 Pontiac Chieftan Catalina
The 1955 model Chieftains featured completely new chassis, body and engine. The engine was the biggest news as this was Pontiac's first V8. This beautiful Black & Avalon Yellow is a tremendous example of GM's mid-fifties commitment to style and performance. This body style is striking and quite unique, there are very few of these classics left and this one is truly outstanding. The addition of the blacked-out 5 spoke US Mags furthers the blend of classic and hot rod. Model years 1955–1957, Layout FR layout, Engine 1955: 287.2 in³ V8 (stock engine) Actual engine unknown, however it is a Pontiac from the era. Transmission 3-speed manual Synchro-mesh, Wheelbase 122 in., Length 1955: 203.2 in, Width 75.1 in , Height 60.5 in , Curb weight 3,180.1 to 3,965.0 lb

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