1961 Chevrolet Impala Bubble Top 348 Automatic
Body Type: 2-Door Hardtop
VIN: 11837N129612
Exterior: Black
Interior: Red
Engine: 348
Transmission: Automatic Turbo 350
Mileage Shown: 34,206
(Actual Mileage Unknown)
Body Numbers:
Options: Power Steering: Yes
Power Brakes: Yes
Power Seats: No
Power Windows: No
Air Conditioning: No
Radio: Yes
Stock Number: T18-165
Price: $39,900  
1961 Chevrolet Impala Bubble Top 348 Automatic
This beautiful 1961 Chevy Impala bubble top was purchased from the estate of an older gentlemen who had owned the car for over 25 years. It was driven to shows, cruise-in and tours. It was never taken out inclement weather. Started life as a black car with red interior and was repainted about 10 years ago. The 348 was rebuilt a few years ago. The original slave type PS was replaced with the new GM Saginaw 502 steering sector type and all new front steering parts with a new front disc brakes added with a power brake buster unit with the new style dual reservoir. The 2 speed power-glide trans was traded out for the better performing 3 speed Turbo HD 350 automatic transmission. This is the best color combination and accented just right with the Craigar wheels. The drive quality on this car is fantastic.

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