1962 Plymouth Fury
Body Type: Coupe
VIN: 2321125280
Exterior: White
Interior: Mauve vinyl Split bench
Engine: 440
Transmission: Automatic
Mileage Shown: 52,299
(Actual Mileage Unknown)
Body Numbers:
Options: Power Steering: No
Power Brakes: No
Power Seats: No
Power Windows: No
Air Conditioning: No
Radio: No
Stock Number: K11-252
Price: $29,900  
1962 Plymouth Fury
Let's face it, this '62 Plymouth Fury is not for the faint of heart. Nor is it the right car for those wishing to blend in on cruise night. If wild style and the thought of putting your right foot into a nasty 440 makes you a bit queasy then pay no mind to this car, friend. But if you have the nerve to be a little different, and you have the confidence to select "D" on the push button transmission with a steady hand, this may be just the ride for you. The thundering 440 is a fresh rebuild as is the Torque-Flite transmission. Rims, tires, brakes, exhaust and fuel tank are all new. We believe the 52,000 miles to be original and we're sure none of them have been logged since this car was treated to a truly professional paint job. Radio delete interior looks great and is just the thing for those with their priorities straight. You really should check out this Mopar in person -- if you're up for it.

Woodside Credit
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