1969 AMC AMX
Body Type: Coupe
VIN: A9M397X158538
Exterior: Red
Interior: Red Vinyl Buckets
Engine: 390
Transmission: 4-Speed
Mileage Shown: 61,191
(Actual Mileage Unknown)
Body Numbers:
Options: Power Steering: Yes
Power Brakes: Yes
Power Seats: No
Power Windows: No
Air Conditioning: No
Radio: Yes, Factory AM
Stock Number: K12-319
Price: $19,900  
1969 AMC AMX
We're pleased to present 1969 AMC AMX #13183, powered by a potent 390 V8 with a 4-speed. Excellent red paint with a red interior and Magnum 500 wheels really make this car stand out visually. The short wheelbase two-seater AMX was introduced in mid-1968 in response to the escalating pony car war being waged by the Big Three. Despite striking looks, powerful engines and sporty suspensions the AMX didn't sell well and production ceased after the 1970 model year with less than 20,000 total units sold. AMC would slap the AMX name on several cars throughout the 70s but the spirit of the original was never recaptured. The AMX is now a rare and sought after performer from the muscle car era. Don't miss out on this fine example.

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